2016-2017 Guild Programs

Sep 1:  Meet and Greet  Speaker: Sheryl Heyniger, Sewing Ergonomics

Oct 6:  Karen Sribniak - Machine Maintenance

Nov 3:  Karen Turkes, Windberry Studio - Transforming Fabric

Nov 5:  Workshop - Fabric Dyeing

Dec 1:  Members' Potluck

Jan 5:  Ruth McCormick - What Batting is Right For You?

Feb 2:  Sulky Threads:  Needle Know How:  Stabilizers & Threads


Winning Quilts at the 2016 Quilt Celebration

Event Date and Time: 

04/03/2016 - 3:45pm


The 2016 Quilt Celebration is now history! Judging from the crowds of guests that I observed, I would say that we had quite a successful event. Everyone seemed to like the new venue, especially the vendors! 

And we had the best quilts that I have seen since the 2014 Quilt Celebration!

Since we did not have a judged show this year, we only had 3 prize winners, and the photos are here for your enjoyment.


Fellow Guild Events

  • Sep 15 - CAMEO Night - Welcome Back Block Party
  • Oct 20 - Lynn Harris Lecture: Every Last Piece Guest fees $10
  • Oct 22 - Workshop : Lynn Harris - Spring Theory
  • Nov 17 - Holiday Whistle Stop
  • Dec 15 - CAMEO Potluck
  • Sep 28 - Denise Schober, Environment Makes a Difference
  • Oct 26 - Traveling Exhibit from Keepsake Quilts
  • Nov - Guild Auction and Election of Officers
  • Dec - Christmas Party and Gift Exchange
  • Sep 8 - Welcome Back Meeting! DEBORAH S HYDE Lecture and Trunk Show
  • Oct 13 - JOE CUNNINGHAM Lecture: Man and the Art of Quiltmaking
  • Nov 10 - CAROL TAYLOR Lecture: So Many Quilts, So Little Time
  • Dec 19 - Potluck Dinner, Holiday Bazaar *start time 6:30 pm* MEMBERS ONLY
  • Sep 12 - Welcome Back Game
  • Oct 3 - Linda Hahn: Frog Hollow Design
  • Oct 4 - Workshop Linda Hahn: Buffalo Bubblegum Quilt
  • Nov 7 - Nancy Kloster: Judy Niemeyer Quilts
  • Dec 5 - Christmas Party and Potluck

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