2018 Board Descriptions

(The bold text is quoted verbatim from the Bylaws of the Oakland County Quilt Guild. The remaining numbered, plain text includes extra details so that new officers and committee members will understand the responsibilities of their position.)


Article V, Section 1—The President shall preside at membership and Board meetings and shall vote only in the case of a tie. The President shall be the general executive officer of the organization, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall assist the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer with the preparation of the upcoming year’s budget.


  1. General Executive Officer of the OCQG
  2. Presides at Guild Meetings, both general membership and Board of Director’s meetings.
  3. Sets the agenda for the meetings, following the accepted guidelines for the order of business as set down in guild historical records.
  4. Signs contracts on behalf of the OCQG for the lease or purchase of property, facilities, goods, and services, which includes program speakers.
  5. Assists the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer with the preparation of the next program year’s budget.
  6. Represents the OCQG in the community as needed for public events or media pieces involving the guild.

Casts votes on issues of the guild only in case of a tie.

Current Programs

Article V, Section 2—The Current Program Chair(s) shall identify, plan, contract and implement the Guild’s programs and educational opportunities such as lectures, seminars, demonstrations, and workshops. This will include contracting for facilities, executing those programs, and being responsible for the equipment necessary to present programs.


  1. Implements Programs of Speakers for the Monthly Meetings and corresponding Workshops
  2. Submit choices of Programs to the Board
  3. Invite speakers and execute contracts, share with the Board.
  4. Submit receipts and contracts for expenses and submit to Treasurer on a timely basis. The copy of the contract and a request for speaker fees should be submitted on the night of the lecture.
  5. Contact the contracted guest speakers in advance of the monthly Guild meetings to finalize the lecture, hotel room reservations, speakers’ transportation as needed, equipment needed, and workshop details. Plan to spend time driving and arranging meals with the speaker (from Thursday dinner to Saturday lunch, if a Workshop takes place and company is desired by the speaker.)
  6. Have a backup plan ready if a Speaker cancels suddenly. Identify members that can provide a lecture or trunk show with short notice.
  7. Submit articles to the Newsletter describing the upcoming programs, workshop registration forms and supply list.
  8. Submit program information to other nearby guilds to place in their newsletters. Reciprocate.
  9. Keep accurate records of Workshop student income, fees, etc. Submit guild deposits in a timely manner. Reserve room in advance. Keep workshops on the low side and arrange (or explain BYO) for coffee and meals.

Upcoming Programs

Article V, Section 3—The Upcoming Program Chair(s) shall identify, plan, contract, and implement the Guild’s programs and education opportunities such as lectures, seminars, demonstrations, and workshops for the upcoming year.


  1. Prepares Programs of Speakers for the Monthly Meetings and corresponding Workshops for the following year.
  2. Assists the Current Programs Chair with the current year’s programs
  3. Research possible programs and speakers for the inclusion in the meeting calendar for the next program year
  4. Contacts prospective speakers and teachers to obtain information about their programs, availabilities and pricing.
  5. Fooling a verbal confirmation from a prospective speaker, obtain a formal written contract, signed by the guild president and you to secure the commitment of the speaker.
  6. Maintains an accurate record of all speaker contracts, information, supply lists and other pertinent information.
  7. Prepares contingency programs for use in the event of a last minute cancellation of a speaker.
  8. Solicits and accepts ideas for speakers and programs from board members and guild members.

Respond to program emails from the OCQG website.

Recording Secretary

Article V, Section 4—The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the Board and the membership meetings and all non-financial records, which are not kept by the Corresponding Secretary.


  1. Provides a written record of proceedings of the OCQG.
  2. Attends and takes minutes of both the monthly guild meeting and the monthly board meetings.
  3. Types the report of the minutes in digital format.
  4. Sends a copy of the typed minutes via email to all board members for corrections or comments.
  5. After approval by the board members, compiles the final version and stores it electronically as well as producing a hard copy to be filed in the official OCQG notebook.
  6. Includes a copy of the monthly treasurer’s report and other pertinent information in the OCQG notebook.
  7. Electronically send a copy of the meeting minutes to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter.

Corresponding Secretary

Article V, Section 5—The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for the general correspondence of the Guild, shall maintain a file of all such correspondence, and shall be responsible for all outside publicity for the organization, except for the Quilt Show.


  1. Accepts suggestions, ideas and other concerns from guild members and brings them up at the guild board meetings for consideration.
  2. Suggestions can be gathered by placing suggestions forms on each table at the guild-meetings or by the use of a suggestion box at the meetings
  3. Attends each Board meeting and each general membership meeting, making herself available to members for the purpose of gathering suggestions.
  4. Acts as a liaison between the Guild Board of Directors and the Guild Members


Article V, Section 6—The Treasurer shall be custodian of and handle accounting procedures for the organization’s funds subject to the direction of the Executive Board, pay such expenses as allocated by the annual budget, report on the finances at all Board and membership meetings, surrender the books and records in July to the Audit Committee and assist the President and Assistant Treasurer with the upcoming year’s budget.


  1. Responsible for tracking and facilitating income and expenses of the OCQG.
  2. Payables—Members requesting reimbursement must submit receipts. Writing checks during the meetings avoids having to do it later.
  3. Deposits as necessary
  4. Bank Reconciliation
  5. Monthly Statement—Prepare a monthly income and expense statement to give to the Guild members at the monthly meeting.
  6. Forms to be filed.
  7. Form 990 EZ—Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax. This form is due to the IRS on May 15th. Provide this to the Board.
  8. MI Form 165—Annual Return for Sales, Use and Withholding Taxes. This is due to the State of Michigan by Feb. 28 each year. We report gross sales to the State and deduct the total as exempt services.
  9. Corporation Information Update. This form comes from the State of Michigan and is due each year by Oct. 1st. Enclose a filing fee payable to the State of Michigan for $20.00 with the form.
  10. Year End Information for the Audit Committee—Prepare reposts for each committee and operating expense and income categories. List the date paid, chick number, payee, amount and then cross-reference each item to the check register. This should be done in July after receipt of the June check register. Spreadsheet totals should agree with check register totals. Hand off the information to the new treasurer. Give to the Audit committee for use during the month of August.
  11. Budget—meet with the president and assistant treasurer in late April to work out the budget details for the next fiscal year. Bring to May Board meeting for discussion and present final version at the June Guild meeting.
  12. Quilt Show—There is a separate Treasurer for the Quilt Show, who will furnish reports to the Board Treasurer.

Assistant Treasurer

Article V, Section 7—shall maintain records of all inventory transactions in the membership year. Prepare and facilitate the budget allocation process with the committee chairs. Assist the President and the Treasurer with the upcoming year’s budget. Be responsible for maintaining up-to-date bank signature forms. Aid the Treasurer where needed throughout the year.

  1. Assists the Treasure and learns the duties of treasurer for the next year.


Article V, Section 8—The Members-at-Large shall attend and participate in all Board meetings. The three positions shall be assigned the following duties:

I. Member-at-Large Membership: shall chair the Membership Committee and facilitate the assigned duties of the committee.

Responsibilities (and also refer to the Committee description as described in Article VIII, Section 8):

  1. Greets and welcomes all members and visitors at the entrance of the monthly meetings of the OCQG
  2. Prepares and maintains an accurate list of the membership of the OCQG, including their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and dates of birth.
  3. Prepares a sign-in sheet for each meeting to record attendance of members. Announces attendance at each meeting.
  4. Accepts applications of new members and payments of dues, in addition to guest fees from visitors.
  5. Produces a yearly membership directory for distribution to all members.
  6. Distributes membership cards to new members and membership directories to new and current members.
  7. Provides a verbal accounting at each meeting of the number of members and visitors in attendance. Also introduces new members to the general membership.
  8. Provides names, addresses and phone numbers of new members to the newsletter editor for publication in the newsletter, as well as information changes of current members.
  9. Collects dues of all renewing members in the late spring and maintains accurate records of dues payments and turns all monies and records over to the treasurer.
  10. Respond to membership emails from the website.

II. Article V, Section 8—Member-at-Large Communication: Shall handle the Communication Box and execute answers, etc., to responses received and shall manage all social media outlets for the Guild.


  1. Provides publicity and promotion of upcoming meetings, events, and workshops. Posts those updates in the Event Calendar on the OCQG website. Also posts news of other guilds’ shows and events on the website calendar.
  2. Publishes monthly notices in the newsletter to inform guild members to contact the corresponding secretary when they learn of guild members who are in need of cards or notes of encouragement due to illness or bereavement.
  3. Sends cards and notes of encouragement or sympathy to guild members in need as required.

III. Article V, Section 8—Member-at-Large Board Assistant: Shall be the liaison between the Build members, Board, and Standing Committees. Shall support the board as needed with assigned duties.


  1. Attends all board meetings as well as the regular monthly meetings
  2. Provides assistance where needed for duties as required by board
  3. Acts as the liaison between the board members and the general membership of the OCQG