AccuQuilt Studio 2

Oakland County Quilt Guild has an Accuquilt Studio 2 Cutter for use by its members. This machine will cut out multiple pieces of fabric in many different designs, speeding up the amount of time you may have spent cutting pieces individually. You crank layers of fabric through the machine, as the rollers press it over cutting dies. We have many different dies, including squares, curves, triangles, and specialized shapes.

The full list of dies for basic shapes and specific quilt patterns specifies what the OCQG owns. Column G tells you the minimum amount of fabric that is needed for each shape if you have small pieces to feed through the machine. Column H tells you the width in inches of strips of fabric (may be accordion folded or cut) to run through if you have lengths of fabric.

The AccuQuilt Committee is in charge of the machine and will make it available before General Meetings and at special affairs such as Quilt Inns or Charity Days. Please contact the Committee chair for more information.