Another Round of Oompah!

Another Round of Oompah!
About the Book

When I created Accordion Sewn HSTs(TM), my main goal was to be able to create more combinations of fabrics when making half square triangles, for more scrappy excitement in my quilt designs. I soon discovered how ordering accordions can lead to so much more than an increased number of fabric combos, and my joy was unsurpassed. Since discovering the process, I just can’t stop accordioning. Accordion Sewn HSTs(TM) keep on invading my brain and demanding to get out and into projects and patterns, and you get to be the recipient. This follow on book to “Oompah!” is full of more bold, modern patterns utilizing my Accordion Sewn HSTs(TM) method. Graphic and striking designs and instructions are all presented in full color, with alternate colorways, extra projects, and tons of tips and tricks to make your accordions sing. Don’t know how to make Accordion Sewn HSTs? This really would be a terrible, useless book if I didn’t let you in on the basic method, so full instructions start to finish on how to make an accordion are included. Once you master that process, and you will very quickly, every project in this book is calling your name! Projects (like All My Exes, cover), alternative project sizes (almost every project has an alternate size or layout), create-your-own-projects (Morse Code Mayhem, back cover), and tips and extras throughout, like “What Went Wrong – a Pictorial Guide” and a mini treatise on the joys of scrappy bindings that you won’t want to miss. Perfect for those who are already hooked on accordions, and those who never heard of them before coming across this listing.

Publication Year: 2020
Length: 74
ISBN: 9798639793301