Quick Colorful Quilts

Quick Colorful Quilts
About the Book

This gloriously colorful book is packed with inspiration — and 15 projects for beginners (or more experienced quilters looking for a manageable weekend undertaking). Veteran quiltmaker and teacher Rosemary Wilkinson, and her quilting friends, give all the information a beginner hopes for — from basic background (how to select fabrics with different tonal values, which hoops and frames work best, what equipment is essential, and so on) to each step through a quilt (proper cutting techniques, chain-piecing, adding borders, and more). The friendly pages are full of diagrams, eliminating all fear of confusion and uncertainty. And all fabric yardages are clearly stated. The 15 projects are divided into three sections: “Fresh Colors,” “Vivid Colors,” and “Bright Colors.” In keeping with the book’s promise to be colorful, each quilt pattern includes four alternative color schemes to the fully completed, featured one. There is no end to the inspiration this irresistibly inviting book offers. In addition, dozens of Tips and Notes from these quilting experts are scattered throughout the book, making this a treasure all quilters should have in their libraries.

Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 110
ISBN: 9781561483723
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