Committee Descriptions

(The bold text is quoted verbatim from the Bylaws of the Oakland County Quilt Guild. The remaining numbered, plain text includes extra details so that new officers and committee members will understand the responsibilities of their position. Those new to the positions should seek out prior Chairs and learn more specific details from them.)


Article VIII—Committees

Section 1—The Standing Committees shall be: Audit, Charity, Community Education, Historical, Hospitality, Library, Membership, Newsletter, and Nominating.

Section 2—AUDIT

The Audit Committee shall be composed of more than one member who is not currently on the Executive Board. The Treasurer’s records shall be audited annually between the July and September membership meetings.


  1. The Treasurer’s records shall be audited annually between the July and September membership meetings.

Section 3—CHARITY

The Charity Committee shall research, propose, and implement charity projects.


  1. Arrange for quilts ranging from crib to full size, walker bags and other items to be made and donated to charities.
  2. Research possible charitable organizations to receive donations from the Guild and make proposals to the general membership of the OCQG to provide donations to appropriate non-profit groups.
  3. Plan and make arrangements for a minimum of two charity, sewing events per program year (September to May). This includes arranging an appropriate site, promoting the day to members at the monthly meeting, set-up of the site, making arrangements for lunch for participants, and providing participants with the fabric and pattern for a project.
  4. Ensures that all charitable donations are delivered to the designated groups.
  5. Accepts donated fabrics at the committee’s discretion and stores them appropriately.
  6. Creates kits for quilts or other sewing projects to be distributed to the guild members for completion. Sets up a table during monthly meetings to continue and finish projects.
  7. Encourages guild members to take kits home and finish them and then return them at the next meeting.
  8. Arranges other charitable donations, as needed, such as food for the needy, toiletries for service members and other donations as necessary to meet the needs of the community at large.



The Community Education committee shall coordinate and develop all community-related projects.


  1. This committee is a liaison with the community, facilitating, for example, a booth at the Rochester Heritage Festival, and/or other events such as local exhibitions at the library or other public venues.


The Historical Committee shall provide documentation of all events of importance to the Guild. It shall maintain copies of all Guild newsletters including photos of events.


The Hospitality Committee shall coordinate all refreshments and table decorations for the Guild functions.

Section 7—LIBRARY

The Library Committee shall be responsible for acquisitions, inventory, distribution of all library materials, and for collecting fines in accordance with the Standing Rules.


  1. The full listing of the library is on the website, so the committee should post new books to the website.
  2. The committee shall keep track of all inventories, currently stored in a Congregational Church closet.
  3. The committee is responsible for displaying a different group of varied books from the collection on a table before each monthly meeting and keep records of checked out books.
  4. The committee should collect fines for late items.  Items may be checked out at meetings and are due to be returned at the next meeting. A one-dollar per month per item penalty is assessed for late items.



The Membership Committee shall be chaired by the Member-at-Large for Membership and shall include at least one other member. It shall be responsible for: Collecting all dues; maintaining the Membership Roster and the Waiting List (if applicable); taking attendance at all meetings; collecting guest fees and name tag fines; and maintaining membership profiles.


The Newsletter Committee shall compile, print, and distribute the monthly newsletter. It is sent out to all member’s emails and posted on the website.


  1. Solicits information and articles from guild officers, chairpersons, and members for inclusion in the guild’s monthly newsletter for 10 months each year.
  2. Digitally compiles all the articles and advertisements into the newsletter format.
  3. Following compilation of the newsletter, posts it to the guild website and sends a broadcast email message to all members announcing the inclusion of the newsletter on the website.

Ad-Hoc Committees (Non-By-Law) 


The Challenge Committee oversees the Challenge Project.


  1. A theme for the Challenge Quilt Contest must be decided upon a year ahead of time and announced at one of the spring meetings. Requirement such as size and date etc. should be in a written description that is given to the Newsletter to be posted.
  2. The month that the Challenge quilt is due should be coordinated with the Board and the Programming chair. All details for quilt display and membership judging should be organized and carried out for one of the monthly meetings.
  3. Prizes should be implemented.
  4. If the Challenge Quilts travel to a show, the Committee is responsible for all travel details and coordination with the shows organizers.


Small door prizes are arranged on a table at each monthly meeting and the winners are announced towards the end of the meetings.



  1. Purchase door prizes for each months membership meetings.
  2. At the meeting, sell tickets (3 for $1.00), and participate in the drawing of the winning tickets.
  3. The money raised from the sale of the door prize tickets is used to purchase the next months door prizes.
  4. At the end of each meeting, submit a financial report to the Guild Treasurer including the total income from that month’s sale of tickets, total expenses (with receipts), and an ending balance.
  5. Prior to the September meeting the Guild Treasurer will present the Committee with a check for $100 to cover the cost of the September meeting purchases. At the June meeting all Door Prize Committee funds will be turned into the Treasurer.


or Quilt-Away Retreats are several days out of town for quilt members to get together for fun, sewing and enjoying each other’s company. These events will be announced and usually take place during the fall and/or mid-winter seasons.


  1. Locates an appropriate retreat site.
  2. Contacts the retreat center management to reserve space for a weekend sewing retreat and arranges overnight accommodations for attendees.
  3. Negotiates and signs a reservation contract to guarantee reserved space.
  4. Promotes the retreat to the guild members and manages the reservation list of potential attendees.
  5. Collects deposits from attendees and maintains accurate accounting of these deposits, ensuring that all monies are turned over to the guild treasurer.
  6. Ensures that the retreat facility receives any deposits due according to the timeframes outlined in the contract to prevent loss of the reserved space.
  7. Following the conclusion of the retreat, receive, verify and forward the final bill to the guild treasurer for payment.
  8. Plans the retreat activities and any small projects for the participants to make during the retreat weekend.


Ensures that all guild members are notified of important guild information.


  1. Maintains an accurate and up to date list of all guild members provided by the membership chairperson for the purpose of contacting members.
  2. Creates lists for each committee member of the people they need to inform of important guild information that cannot wait for a meeting or a newsletter.
  3. In case of meeting cancellations due to weather conditions, creates, and sends a broadcast email message to all members with email accounts. For those members without email accounts, the fan out chairperson ensures that these members are telephoned on a timely basis.
  4. Information to be distributed by the fan out committee are such things as cancellation of meetings due to inclement weather, serious illnesses of guild members, death notices of guild members and other information as directed by the guild president.


Everything on this monthly meeting table is free for the taking. 


  1. This committee involves designating a table during each monthly meeting for members to place free items that other members are free to take.
  2. The job also involves taking home and distributing the leftovers to a charitable organization, like Grace Centers of Hope.


This committee helps new members integrate into the Guild and meet new people.


  1. Give new members a small gift or small button or identifying token.
  2. Work with the Membership Committee to identify new members
  3. Assign a buddy who has been in the Guild for some time to a new member.
  4. Organize a dinner for new members before one of the monthly meetings.


The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the Past President and shall consist of one member of the Executive Board and one or more members of the Guild and shall be responsible for the slate of officers for the upcoming year.


This committee recognizes the outgoing president.


  1. This committee creates a small quilt as a gift for the outgoing president.  It is given at the June membership meeting.


Each year OCQG sponsors a Quilt Inn. This is an all day local event for OCQG members to get together for sewing and enjoying each other’s company. It is held locally on a Saturday and members may come and go as their schedules permit.


  1. Secures a list of members who volunteered for Quilt Inn Committee. Calls for an organizational meeting of volunteers and plans for the one/two day event including:
         – coffee/drinks/snacks
         – daily events/workshops/Make & take
         – lunch menu
         – favors/ gifts
  2. The Quilt Inn Committee organizes this day by consulting with the Board about the dates and
  3. Reserve the room(s) with the building administration. Arrange for the room setup with rectangular tables with 3 people per table and an ironing/cutting boardroom with electrical outlet use. Prepare a room setup chart for the custodian (or use one that he already has) and turn in to office at least two weeks prior.
  4. Keep records of those attending & which day/days and acquire emergency card information.
  5. Plan budget via a spreadsheet with the fixed room rental costs, janitorial help, meal supplies, and gifts if desired. The income is based on one or two day registration fees. The event should just break even financially.
  6. Arrange for guild members to lead workshops and/or demonstrations if desired.
  7. Promote the event to the Guild via the Newsletter and the Thimblethoughts email list, put registration sheet online and hand out at the General Meeting, collect fees with the registration sheet, keep records, and turn in receipts and information to the Treasurer.
  8. Tear down room and put back items borrowed from Church quilting group. Turning off lights upon leaving. Be responsible for locking building doors (Upper & lower).
  9. Know that many women will arrive a half-hour before you open, so plan accordingly.


OCQG sponsors a quilt show, usually in April of the even numbered years. The show is open to members and non-members and is a major fundraiser for the guild. There is a small fee for entering a quilt. All Guild members are encouraged to enter quilts and to volunteer to make the Quilt Show a success. Some of the volunteer activities include: Chairs, publicity, book and fabric sales, set-up and takedown, etc.

Quilt Show Chairperson


  1. Locates an appropriate venue for the quilt show and negotiates a contract for use of the facility
  2. Sets a budget for the quilt show
  3. Arranges for a quilt show judge and signs a contract for the judge’s services
  4. Recruits chairpersons for publicity, treasury, volunteer schedule, book and scrap sales, raffle, and miniature quilt sale, vendors, etc. as needed.
  5. Meets regularly with and oversees the committee chairpersons and encourages them as needed to ensure that all aspects of the show are progressing on schedule.
  6. Determines the number of quilts to be shown
  7. Produces and publishes a quilt registration form with a cutoff date for registration of quilts to be included in the show.
  8. Be available to assist and oversee at all stage of the quilt show during the show week, from set-up to tear down.
  9. Ensure that all proceeds from the quilt show are turned over to the guild treasurer.


This committee sells products such as OCQG bags and shirts as fundraisers.


  1. As a fund raiser the guild sells 3/4 sleeve polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece zipper jackets and canvas tote bags.
  2. The guild members are asked during the business meeting if anyone would like to order any of the items, order forms are provided. The funds are due at the time the items are ordered, either cash or check made out to the guild.
  3. The chair then tallies the orders and gets a check from the treasure; the check is made out to The Vinyl Works.
  4. The next morning, the chair emails Scott Dekeyser (the owner) with the order and sends him the check and invoice in the mail. (The Vinyl Works is located in Richmond, Mi. Gloria, Scott’s wife works at Dillman and Upton. Scott will email saying the order for us is ready and he’s sending it with Gloria the next day. The chair calls Gloria the next morning, sets a time and goes to Dillman and Upton to pick up the order.)
  5. Put a copy of the order form with the item to be delivered. At the next guild meeting the orders are distributed.


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